Everyone has the freedom to live the way you like aviation. Only you understand that means aviation for you.

In AIRCATGLOBAL we think that anyone can have the privilege of being a pilot.

In AIRCATGLOBAL all are welcome, treated and respected equally in its purpose of enjoying the constant learning that involves living aviation.

Enthusiasts and amateur that flyes with their computers at home. Professionals acquire last generation flight simulators aircraft for their pilot students. Visionaries riding their own UAVs.

We appreciate who you want to be and what you want to do but for us it is very important to know how you want to get it.

In AIRCATGLOBAL we support our philosophy with a predominant value, the Passion.

Passion encourages you, motivates and pushes to enjoy the path that leads you to fulfill your purpose, personal or professional goal that will make you happy.

And enjoy the way to happiness is the fuel of success.

Welcome on Board, Captain!

We do RPAS pilot rating courses, Professional drone distribution and technical service for our customers and represented brands. The result: almost 100 RPA pilots came out of our RPA flight school every 6 months.

We also managed to get the exclusive dealership of x-FOLD for Spain apart of being its Official Technical Service for all Europe.

We are looking closer the RPAS, UAV and Drone business in Spain as the market has experienced a 300% increase on the current operators ready to offer their services on aerial works.

Plus, we are the only company chosen by the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in order to offer our training to its students coursing the Aeronautlcal Management Degree.










As a novelty, our school offers the course pilot drone-RPAS theory and practice of this new profession to those who are interested in obtaining the title to fly a drone-RPAS as a job.



Gryphon Dynamics

Gryphon Dynamics is the Korean company manufacturer of the most complete and prepared industrial frames of the market for aerial works with great payload.
From its ready base, you can configure your dron with different configurations: Hexa, Dodeca, Y coaxial, X coaxial, etc. It emphasizes in its finished products that present to bring the quality of the product to its high level, with PCB plates prepared to be able to connect and disconnect the integrated variators in the arms without problems, their own PDB to be able to organize the wiring in the most optimal way or Your battery connection system.



xFold is an industrial Drone, which features 4 different designs, with the possibility of Quad, Hexa, x8 or x12 configuration.

In the  xFold drones you can find the most suitable design to your utility, where you can find the SPY model for leisure, Travel for aerial work as photogrammetry or DSLR cameras, the Cinema for professional aerial recordings with Red-Epic cameras or the Dragon model, ideal for transporting heavy payloads.

They all share the same design, the ideal to optimize its usefulness with great autonomy, but adapted in size and performance to its purpose.



In FREEFLY you will find the best products for the audiovisual world. Starting with their range of drones, with the model Alta 6 and Alta 8, each of them adapted for different payloads but with the same virtues. Drones prepared with its own flight controller and with the quick-release system to be able to place the Gimbal at the bottom or at the top without problem. On the other hand, you can find your own Gimbal Movi fully optimized for use in your own system from the ground, the drones or your expensive camera model. Finally, you will find your expensive camera Tero, a remote control car that you can adapt your Gimbal in the car to make the best terrestrial recordings!



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Galaxy GBS System

Equip your Dron with the most advanced aviation security system of the market. Galaxy GBS is the system that has more safety in flight, with the possibility to change flight controller drone through the system or deploy a parachute safety when stopping the engines! The security system Galaxy GBS is the first certified system in Europe for drones!

Galaxy GBS covers the entire range of drones, either from a DJI phantom to DJI S1000 thanks to its wide range of models. Also, part of the wide range of models parachute according to the weights and dimensions, you can choose whether the controller parachute install, through your flight controller or directly from the RC system!